Room Remodel in West Wichita

Room Remodel in West Wichita


Frustrated with making calls, interviewing contractors with zero follow up, this homeowner reached out to us for their lower-level remodel. We couldn’t have been more excited. After speaking to them, we were able to devise a plan to restructure their space to maximize the look of the room and provide them a comfortable a space to hang out and watch television with the family.

The Work

After our discussion, we suggested the elimination of an unused closet on one side of room. This would serve to make the room larger for accommodating a furniture group and to add some much-needed symmetry and focal point to the space.

After removal of the carpet, a sunken section of concrete was saw-cut, removed and re-poured before using our concrete resurfacer from CTI to provide a surface ready to accept stain and sealer. Existing fireplace surround was removed and replaced with a modern veneer stonework. Custom cabinetry and shelving was designed and crafted to fit the space, enhancing both the appearance and function of the space.

The result is a space the homeowner and his family is so excited about.

Reference Photo (“Before”)

Before the concrete refinishing project began